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From Murcia (MJV)

Location of Mazarron Country Club - on Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3
(and how to get there and back from Murcia International Airport/Corvera - RMU)
- Journey time is approx. 40m to/from MCC (and is toll-free)

Revised on 15th January 2019
(Update on status of RMU and MJV as at 15 January 2019: please note that Murcia Int'l/Corvera (RMU) commenced operations today, and that civilian flights to/from Murcia/San Javier (MJV) ceased yesterday. MJV has not closed completely, but will remain operational for military flights only.)
Coming from the direction of Murcia International Airport ("Corvera") - IATA Code: RMU

  • From the airport, follow Cartagena signs onto Autovia A-30

  • Continue on A-30 in the direction of Cartagena for about 7 Km until Junction 171, when you should exit, go round the roundabout ('Glorieta'), taking the first exit to join RM-2 in the direction of Alhama de Murcia

  • Continue on RM-2 (+) until Junction 4, when you should exit, go around the enormous roundabout under the motorway and join RM-23 (+) in the direction of Mazarron

  • Continue for about 7-8 Km and join RM-3 in the direction of Mazarron [+]

  • Exit at Jt 20 marked 'Urbanización Country Club', about 4Km after the exit for 'Urbanización Camposol'. Turn sharp left on the round-about and cross the fly-over across the motorway. Go straight across the round-about at the other side,  following 'Urbanización' sign.

  • The entrance into Mazarron Country Club is on the right just after passing a garden-centre, also on the right (you will see a small white sign "Finca Isavera" just at the entrance)

[+] Please note that the map above does not show the new motorways RM-2, RM-23 and RM-3, because they opened only during 2007-2008, after the map was published.

To Return to Murcia International Airport ("Corvera") - IATA Code: RMU

  • Turn left on exiting MCC and join MU-603 (this is the old 'feeder' road running beside the new Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3)

  • After a couple of hundred metres, join RM-3 at Jt 20, and follow signs for Totana

  • Soon after passing 'Urbanización Camposol', about 5 Km up the motorway, take the right split on the motorway (Jt 11) and join RM-23 to Alhama de Murcia/Murcia/Alicante

  • The RM-23 motorway ends in a large roundabout, passing under the RM-2; take the first exit off the roundabout and join the RM-2 in the direction of Fuente Alamo/Cartagena

  • The RM-2 motorway ends in a large roundabout ('Glorieta'), passing over the A-30; take the third exit to join the A-30 in the direction of Murcia

  • After about 7 KM, take exit 164 and follow signs to the airport

  • (Below is a plan of road access to the airport - to see a larger version, click here)


Important Footnote
Several new motorways have opened in recent years in the vicinity of Mazarron Country Club:

  • Mazarron-Totana motorway (RM-3)
    This motorway, which joins with the existing A7 motorway at Totana, runs directly past the main entrance to Mazarron Country Club with the existing MU603 regional route becoming a feeder-road alongside parts of the new motorway.
  • Alhama de Murcia-[A-30]Cartagena motorway (RM-2) and the RM-23 feeder motorway
    The RM-2 runs from Alhama de Murcia and ends when it joins the A-30 Murcia/Cartagena motorway. The RM-23 acts as a feeder motorway between the RM-3 north of Mazarron and ends when it joins the RM-2 just south of Alhama de Murcia.
  • Cartagena-Vera toll motorway (AP-7)
    The Cartagena-Vera section of the AP-7 toll motorway runs just south of Mazarron Country Club (MCC) and is accessed from the RM-3 referred to above, at the second exit after MCC itself.

From Alicante (ALC)

Much easier, but further.
On leaving the airport, follow the signs to Murcia and join the motorway
When approaching Murcia, look for a slip road to the motorway to Almeria and Granada. There is a big yellow sign with Arabic writing  that marks the slip road. You can’t miss it.
With the opening of the RM3, it is best to go to Totana. Do not take the first turn to Totana, signed Poligono Industrial. Take the second Totana exit and turn left at the top of the slip road. Go straight on at the roundabout  and then take the RM3 to Mazarron. Carry on down this road, past Camposol until you get to Junction 20 URBANIZATION COUNTRY CLUB. Take the exit up to the roundabout and go all the way round over the Motorway you have just left. At the little roundabout go almost straight over the roundabout, slightly to your left looking for the little sign URBANIZAITION. Follow this short twisty road past the garden centre into the country club on your right.

Finding the Villa.

Once on the Country Club go straight up the main avenue to the roundabout and straight over to the second roundabout. Take the second exit up the hill. Take the second road on your left and then again take the second left. As you turn you should see the villa infront of you. 25-31. Enjoy Your Stay.


Country Club Plan

Address 25-31 Coloured red on the plan.