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Local Attractions

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Mazarron Town is just a couple of minutes drive. From the villa head left up the hill and almost immediately turn right (not down the hill). Follow this road to the roundabout and take the last exit. Follow this road out the back of the complex to the little roundabout. You are going straight over down a slip road to on the right hand side of the two buildings. Just follow this road to the T junction and turn left. This will take you into the top of the town. The Market Place is off to your right when you get to the right hand bend with the car park.
Puerto de Mazarron is straight through the town to the roundabout taking the second exit off to your left.


The Supermarket (Consum) is just up the road at Camposol B and is open every day apart from Sunday. If you require to shop Sunday a local shop open is the 24 hour Minimart again on Camposol B.
There is also another supermarket just as you enter Puerto de Mazarron on the right (Mercadonna), which is the best and cheapest around.
There are also several Minimarts dotted around Mazarron town, mainly around the market place.
The pharmacy is also in Mazarron town next to the market place.

10 Pin Bowling


 There is a 10 pin bowling alley just near Totana about 15 minutes drive. Monday and Tuesday evening is cheap night, only 2 Euros per person per game. Turn right out of MCC past Camposol and turn left to Totana and Lorca. Follow this road until you get to the motorway just before Totana. Turn right onto the motorway towards Murcia. Come off at the next junction and turn left over the motorway. You will see a large hotel immediately on your right and the bowling alley is next to the hotel.

Local Beaches

There are several beaches within 15 minutes drive.
Peurto de Mazarron beach is nice and you have all the local amenities.

Turn left out of MCC and follow this road all the way to the roundabout at the end of the motorway. Go right round to your left towards Puerto de Mazarron. Go down to the next roundabout with the digger on. Take the first exit towards Bolnuevo. Follow this road down to the next roundabout. Take the second exit (left), this road runs parallel to the beach and it will take you to the Marina and beach.

Bolnuevo beach is also nice and again there are local amenities.
Turn left out of MCC and follow this road all the way to the roundabout at the end of the motorway. Go right round to your left towards Puerto de Mazarron. Go down to the next roundabout with the digger on. Take the first exit towards Bolnuevo. Follow this road down to the next roundabout. Take the first exit into Bolnuevo and the beach is on your left.

Canada de Gallego beach is fantastic and made up of the main palm lined cove and has 2 further coves. You can drive down right onto the beach. The coves are edged by some large rocks, which are ideal for fishing. There are no facilities at this beach so go prepared.
Turn left out of MCC and follow this road all the way to the roundabout at the end of the motorway. Take the first exit towards Aguilas. Follow this road for a couple of miles. Turn left towards Canada de Gallego and just keep following this road through the town, keep left at the fork in the road, go past the tomato plantations and eventually you will come to the beach.

Murcia Province

The province has 170km’s of coastline which begins at Mar Menor, a natural 200 square km saltwater lake, ideal for water sports.

The best beaches can be found in La Manga, Mazarron and Aguillas. The most important port along the coast is Cartagena, an old historical City with a Naval Base and excellent shopping.

Murcia is a modern city surrounded by gardens and numerous small towns. Special places of interest are the Cathedral, the Salzillo Museum and the Archaeological Museum. The Holy Week festivities are amongst the most popular celebrations with the processions of Cartagena, Lorca and Murcia being the best.

The climate of Murcia, which lies in the South East of Spain by the Mediterranean, is hot in summer and very mild in winter.

The North West of the province is a mountainous area with a cool climate and lovely landscapes which include the towns of Calasparra, Moratalla and Carovacca full of old mansions.

Further south is Lorca with its old historical buildings and Coat of Arms. Aledo is also worth a visit and the town of Mula with the Castle of the Marquis of Veles dating from the 15th Century. Other castles can be found in Caravaraca, Aquillas and Alhama de Murcia.

Aledo and Sierra Espuna.

These visitor sites high up in the hills above Totana are well worth a visit.



Go through Totana and follow the signs for Aledo. Follow the road up into the hills and once you reach the top, after passing the monastery on the right, there is a left turn that takes you up a very narrow road where you will see the twelve Stations of the Cross. At the top there is a wonderful statue of Christ, with a viewing platform from which you can see the whole of the Totana Valley.
Return back to the main road and continue up the hill until you see the signpost for Aledo. Turn left into Aledo, which is a very old Spanish hilltop village. Drive through Aledo on the one-way system until you come to the town square. Park anywhere here and you can walk to the 13th Century Tower.

Sierra Espuna

Go through Totana and follow the signs for Aledo. Follow signs for Alquerias, which then takes you into Espuna. Be very careful on these roads as the bends are sharp and turning is limited. Sierra Espuna is a National Country Park with Wild Boar.

Street Markets.

Mazarron Town on Saturday morning.

Puerto de Mazarron on Sunday morning.

El Pareton on Friday morning.

Totana on Wednesday morning.

The markets usually finish around 13:30hrs.
There are stalls selling gifts, clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, plants, fruit and veg and fresh cooked chickens etc.
The Sunday market in Puerto de Mazarron is the largest.

Other markets.

Monday:-        Huercal Overa, Antas.

Tuesday:-       Alhama, Cuevas, Abox, Almeria, Los Gallardos.

Wednesday:-Totana, Cartagena, Mojacar, Bedar, Lubrin, Olunda de Rio.

Thursday:-      Lorca, Cuavas, Barboneras, Sorbas, Roquetas de Mar.

Friday:-           Cartagena, Garrucha, Turre, Puerto Lumbreras, Zugena.

Saturday:-       Mazarron, Vera, Aquillas.

Sunday:-         Puerto de Mazarron, Villaricos.



There is a bar and restaurant on the complex next to the communal pool, which is open from lunch, time and serves a range of food including snacks, sandwiches, tapas and steaks etc. I have not used this restaurant yet so please make your own mind up, although it has been recommended.

There is a lovely typical Mediterranean restaurant one minute drive on the way to Camposol. Turn right out of MCC onto the motorway and come off at the next junction. It is on the right just up the road a couple of hundred meters.

On Camposol A (right hand side of the main road) there is a nice Indian (Gateway to India).

On Camposol B (left hand side of the main road) there are a few restaurants including another Indian (Bollywood), two Chinese, an Irish bar/restaurant that also does a Sunday lunch carvery, fish and chip shop and a couple of other bar/restaurants.

In Mazarron town there are several restaurants. Some of which are in hotels, Hotel Costa is highly recommended overlooking the small park and does a lovely steak. Drive into the town to the main set of traffic lights, turn left and you will come to the bottom of where the market is. The restaurant is just off to your left at the fork in the road. Park anywhere you can and walk to it, it’s easier.

Puerto de Mazarron has plenty of restaurants near where the market is. They are dotted around and again it is easier to park where you can and just walk to find them.
There is a very nice fish restaurant overlooking the beach near the marina, but it is quite expensive. There are a couple of restaurants/bars near the marina including another Chinese.

Bolnuevo has a few bars and restaurants dotted around yet again including another Chinese (Recommended), but there is a lovely Spanish Beachfront Restaurant smack opposite the Bolnuevo erosions. You need to book, it is not cheep but the food is great.

The Gun Batteries of Castillito, Jorel and Altalayon at Cabo Tiñoso "The Guns"

Campillo de Adentro lies in the hollow of a pretty valley almost completely surrounded by mountains. There are a few houses and farms but little else; pass through the village and eventually you will come to the start of a military road with intimidating warning signs forbidding passage. Ignore these, they haven't been removed since the military abandoned the zone a few years ago. To get to the guns from Camposol head towards Puerto De Mazarron, then take the road for Cartagena from Puerto de Mazarron, and just as you approach the filling station turn right towards Isla Plana. Keep going until you reach the turning for La Azohía - the road is a very pleasant costal drive and passes some nice bays and beaches. Do not turn to La Azohía, just keep going, now slightly uphill, until you see a turning to Campillo de Adentro to the right ( green bins on the right). Turn here This is the real start of your twisty drive!! For the next 7 Km the narrow road twists it's way upwards through the mountains, giving breathtaking views of the coastline and countryside. A driver needs to concentrate as this has become quite a popular place in recent years, the road is narrow and cars have to be careful in order to pass.. Near the summit there is a left turn which takes you to the Guns. The Guns are a further 2 Km or so from this turning.
This is a place which is certain to interest military historians, or simply those who fancy seeing something a little different. The centrepiece is two massive guns at Castillitos with their associated magazines, sighting points, control rooms etc. Although military architecture is often ugly, here the Battery has been built into the mountainside in the style of a castle, using a lot of local stone. There are some smaller guns further along the road at Jorel, but even these are quite large - they just seem small after seeing the first two monsters ! Finaly there is an abandoned AA battery at Atalayon which is the peak you first encounter on reaching the batteries.
These massive batteries were part of the shore defences for Cartagana, which is the headquarters of the Spanish Mediterranean Fleet, and often has visiting warships from other countries, including the USA. You can get inside the guns but be warned its quite dirty!!

La Azohia and the Tower of St Elena


The village of La Azohia lies is to the east of Mazarrón Follow the signs to Cartagena and head towards La Azohia. The drive has stunning views of scenic bays and sea views.
On arriving at La Azohia take a look at these anchors which are normally by the quay. They are not just a tourist attraction but are regularly used by the local fishermen to anchor their massive tuna nets. The drive or walk to the tower is via the lane opposite the fishing quay. Keep to the widest part and you'll find the way. The drive is very easy and takes about 15 minutes providing you with a good view of the bay as you reach the tower at the top.
The Tower of St Elena was built in the final years of the 16th century during the reign of Philip ll and was constructed to give the local fishermen warning of approaching pirates, giving a good lookout from it's height of 75 metres. It was renovated in approximately between 1986 and 1987 and is a very popular place with tourists and weekend visitors. Below the tower are remains of another military installation - a searchlight station built after the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939),

The Hot Springs near Camposol

The thermal spring at El Saladillo, is a 5 minute drive from Camposol or a pleasant walk just along from Sector B It provides ample evidence of the volcanic nature of the area. The spring spurts a continuous stream of water at 50°C; unfortunately it is in a remote country area and it would difficult to put the spring to any particular use - the water just flows away to the nearby rambla.
To find the Spring take the road to Mazarron and turn right at the picturesque chapel at El Saladillo, ( restaurant is on the left) Take the track which runs around the back of the chapel and then winds it's way gently downhill towards the Rambla del Canal; after travelling about 1·5Km you will see a patch of dense vegetation near the edge of the rambla which marks the location of the Spring.
There is nothing at all at the location so if you wish to bathe you will need to make your own arrangements for changing and drying yourself. Someone has dug several "pits" into the earth and made channels for the hot water, so you can be completely immersed in the health giving waters if you so wish. We have used them and I must say it refreshes your skin wonderfully
The springs are quite a popular attraction and you may find yourself queuing to use the baths on a nice day.

Camposol Golf Club/Restaurant

Situated on Camposol between sector B and C this a new golf course that at the moment is a tough 9 hole course that is looking to open the back nine this coming summer (2006) All you need to play is a handicap card as you can hire clubs etc. Bookings can be made in advance or on the day (depending on the season) The clubhouse has full facilities and has a restaurant that is open in the evenings (summer only)
The club runs competitions on most Wednesdays and Thursdays and is very friendly and is a great place to take the family for either a lunchtime meal or a evening meal. On Saturday nights there is normally some kind of cabaret and it is advisable to check at the club when you arrive if you fancy going as they get booked quite quickly. The clubhouse can be seen from B and C and is easy to find.

Puerto De Mazarron and the beaches of Bolnuevo
The beautiful coastline of Mazarron and Bolnuevo are steeped in history and has evidence of Roman occupation with a salt factory in the Puerto that has been turned into a museum and is located in Calle La Torre and is open all year round. The entrance fee is €2.50 and is well worth a visit. The area has many examples of Roman life and more information can be found in the tourist office and is open every day 10am until 2pm and 5pm until 8pm. The Marina is undergoing major construction and the project is costing over €10 million and with its new underground parking facility will cater for the tourists that will flock to the area. Mazarron has 2 weekly markets on a Saturday and a Sunday and also has 4 blue flag beaches which during the season hosts a number of events all arranged by Mazarron council.
In Bolnuevo the famous "Ciudad Encantada" (enchanted city) which has been formed by wind and water is a great place to sit and relax at any of the beachside bars. The area also has secluded coves including La Amarilla, La Grua and the Cueva Lobos which are all nudist coves.

The history of Puerto de Mazarrón is inextricably linked with that of the parent town of Mazarrón, which has a past firmly based on mining.

Although it has been popular with holidaymakers for over a century, only in recent years has the Port achieved it's identity as one of Spain's most attractive holiday resorts.
The important commercial activities of fishing and agriculture still dominate the local economy, but the annual influx of families seeking a trouble free holiday in the sun is an important factor and of increasing importance in the area's development.
The coastal areas of Mazarron boast some of the finest beaches in Spain, and the generally untouched nature of the coastline and countryside appeals to those who seek a tranquil environment for their holidays. This is a popular resort for Spanish families and in the peak season (July and August) the population swells to capacity. At other times of the year it can be very quiet which makes Puerto ideal for that quiet "get away from it all" style holiday favoured by many.

Mazarron Bay viewed from the West.
The bay is enclosed by the mountain ranges of Sierras Moreras, Almenara, Algorobo, Lo Alto, Muela and slightly further to the North, Sierra Espuña. This gives Mazarron Bay a "microclimate" which invariably results in better weather than the rest of Spain. Puerto de Mazarron boasts more than 300 days of sunshine every year.
Landing Tuna in Puerto.
Over the past few years Tuna have been cultivated in large inshore farms located at Cabo Tiñoso (in Cartagena Bay) and Punta Calnegre (in Mazarron Bay). A large proportion of the fish are exported and the industry provides an important source of local employment.

The Paseo Maritimo
This attractive promenade provides pedestrian access to the Town Beaches, and has many shops, bars, restaurants and ice-cream parlours. Traffic access is strictly regulated and the Paseo is a pleasant area to stroll at any time of the day or night.
The Best Beaches in Spain on The Costa Calida
The coastline of Puerto has many kilometres of fine sandy beaches and safe bathing. The municipality has been awarded the coveted Blue Flag for water quality over consecutive years.
In the picture is a "falla" constructed on the Town Beach for the Fiesta of San Jose. Every year one of these is made usually depicting a satirical political or social theme and on March 19th is burned with great ceremony and accompanied by a lavish firework display.

Entertainment and Fiestas
The Town Hall organise many attractions for tourists, particularly for young people who can enjoy mountain walking, sub-aqua diving, sailing and a variety of other activities during the holiday season.
There is live music and a street party most evenings during the Summer on the Paseo.


The Costa Calida is situated in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula. To the north lies the Costa Blanca and to the south lies the Costa del Almeria with a total of 250 km of coastline. Blessed by the mild Mediterranean climate, it has at least 315 days of sunshine per year. The winter temperatures range from 12 - 22C and the summer temperatures between 18 - 38C.
Mazarron - Where the mountains meet the sea!
Mazarron is a small Spanish town and is situated 25 miles from Murcia. The main town has banks, indoor produce market, medical facilities, shops and restaurants, while 5 minutes drive away is the Port. Puerto de Mazarron has superb sandy beaches and secluded coves, a harbour and a marina. There are restaurants and bars but no chip shops or fast food take-aways. The paseo has been extended and now reaches down to El Alamillo and a walk along here is a lovely way to pass the warm evenings. Apart from tourism, the region is famous for farming and agriculture. Most of the tomatoes in British supermarkets come from this area.
Sports - Mazarron is one of the most important tourist centres for marine and sub-aquatic activities in Spain. The frequency of prevailing winds throughout the year in the Bay of Mazarron means sailing instruction and practice can be undertaken at any time of the year.Furthermore, the clear waters and rich flora and fauna offer the diving enthusiast some highly interesting underwater depths.
But Mazarron is not only sea, but also air - you can go hang-gliding and enjoy some unique views, and land: climb jagged mountains from whose peaks you can see the warmest beaches, follow paths on foot, by bicycle or on horseback through ever changing scenery... Mazarron is not just peace and relaxation. If you like adventure sports and being close to nature, you are at the right place.
Sierra Espuna - To the north of Mazarron, through Totana or Alhama, you will find the beautiful national park, Sierra Espuna. The drive can be daunting but the views are spectacular and along the journey you will find a few small bars and restaurants serving good quality and reasonably priced food. There are a number of walks signposted and if you are lucky, you will see some wild boar and red squirrels. See a different side of Spain as here there is not a beach or swimming pool in sight.
Camposol - Situated 12kms from the lovely beaches of Mazarron, a superb inland village has been created with supermarkets, restaurants, bars and shops. There is a 18 hole golf course - 9 holes completed, 9 holes still under construction where as long as you have your handicap card, you can play 9 holes for €25. At the golf course you will also find a luxury clubhouse which has weekend entertainment and the driving range where a bucket of balls costs a modest €1.
Most of the properties at Camposol have use of a pool whether it is a private or a gated commual pool but there is also a large communal swimming pool with a bar, cafe, sunbeds and parasols and tennis courts but these are pay per use at €3 per session. The spa hotel is still being built but once it is open you will be able to enjoy spa and beauty treatments. Most of the houses have rooftop solariums where you have panoramic views of the mountains. For the more adventurous there are many country walks among the almond and olive trees.