Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions. By making a booking and paying the deposit you are confirming you have read and are accepting these terms and conditions. A booking form must be completed and returned at time of booking.

The balance of the holiday must be paid 10 weeks prior to departure or at the time of booking if within 10 weeks. Clients who do not pay the invoice at the due time are liable to have their holiday cancelled and cancellation charges levied. The lead party is responsible for all payments due.


Villa and safety

Our villa is aimed at families and we have made efforts to ensure that reasonable care has been taken to address matters within the borders of the properties. We do not claim that our villa is totally child friendly or safe and care should always be taken, especially around the pool area with supervision being given to children. Telephone us and ask us as many questions as you want. If something is important to you, then do not assume something, but please ask us. Despite our efforts and advice given, it is ultimately your responsibility for the care and safety of the members of your group. If you have any concerns about the safety of your villa please contact us immediately. Any genuine problems brought to our attention will be dealt with as quickly as is locally possible, if feasible. Our villa has a spiral staircase to the master bedroom and care should be taken on this especially with small children. Linen is supplied. Should any person in your party have any allergies to washing substances, please advise at time of booking or bring your own linen.

Swimming pool safety

Supervision must be given to children in and around the pool at all times. Care has been taken when selecting the tiling around the private pool, however they still can be slippery when wet and running around the pool is strictly prohibited. The step into the villa and the villa flooring is also tiled and caution should be taken when wet. Plastic wear has been provided for use around the pool, and under no circumstances must glass or ceramics be used outside.


Glass windows and doors

Please be very careful with windows, especially full length glass patio doors. The glass may not be toughened and occasionally in a strange environment accidents occur more easily than they can do so at home. We are not liable for damage caused by glass doors or windows.


Security Deposit

Our villa has a Security Deposit of £200, which is used to protect us against any breakages, loss, damage, unpaid local charges, additional housekeeping and any other charges. This payment is to be made on booking and confirms your reservation. This amount will be refunded to you within 21 days of your return date less any damage, losses, unpaid bills etc. In the event of substantial damage/abuse to a villa, you will have to leave and find alternative accommodation at your own cost. Should the security deposit prove inadequate to fully cover any costs that arise, then we reserve the right to invoice you for immediate payment.



We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate your holiday or any holiday services if your behaviour is likely, in our opinion or that of our employees, representatives or suppliers, to cause distress, damage, annoyance or danger to our employees or to any third party, or their property. We reserve the right to refuse any bookings that we think will be a nuisance.

Check in and check out

Villas are booked from 2pm on your arrival day to 11am on your departure day. Early check in and late check out are available but these must be requested and agreed prior to your stay.


Cancellation by you

All cancellations must be made by the person who made the booking, by telephone or in writing to ourselves and shall take effect upon the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation.

Cancellation charges

If you have to cancel your holiday, you will be charged in accordance with the following scale:

Outside 70 days of departure date loss of deposit

Between 70 days and 42 days 40% charge

Between 41 days and 28 days 50% charge

Between 27 days and 22 days 70% charge

Between 21 days and 7 days 90% charge

Between 6 days and departure date 100% charge

Cancellation charges are based on the total holiday costs.


Amendments by you

If, after you have made a booking, you wish to alter any of the arrangements made, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. If additional persons are to be added to the booking these need to be agreed by our selves and additional charges or conditions may apply. The accommodation we provide is for the use of those persons named on the booking. Sub-letting, sharing, assignment or reselling is not permitted without agreement. If these amendments are not possible it may be treated as a cancellation of your booking and the appropriate charges will apply.


Our Responsibility

(a) We will use our best endeavour to provide the holiday in accordance with the booking.

(b) If however, it is obliged to do so for reasons beyond our direct control, we reserve the right to cancel any holiday accommodation. In this event, the Company will do its best to provide comparable arrangements, but if we are unable to do so, a full and immediate refund will be made, and we shall be under no further liability.
In the case of force majeure causing us to cancel any holiday, such as war, strikes, fires, natural disasters etc., we reserves the right to deduct reasonable expenses from any refund given.


Our Liability

We are not liable for any claims for loss or damage to your baggage, and loss or damage or anything occurring from the results of theft or attempted theft. We have taken care to ensure your stay is enjoyable and safe, therefore we accept no liability for accidents or injuries occurring during your stay.
We accept no liability for intermittent failure of public supplies or utilities such as water or electricity over which we have no control, nor of sewage systems, plumbing or mechanical equipment in villa, but shall use our best endeavours to arrange prompt repairs where possible.


Website Accuracy

All information in this website has been compiled from up to date details and we have taken care to ensure that it is accurate. There may however be occasions when the advertised facility is either modified or not available. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, necessity for maintenance, water shortages, unsuitable weather conditions, fuel shortages, power cuts and other circumstances beyond our control. If we are advised of this, then we will of course inform you as soon as possible, but we cannot be held liable in such circumstances. It is also important to remember that some facilities, such as restaurants, communal pools, water sports and water parks etc may not operate at all times of the season. If a particular facility offered in our villa is essential to the booking of your holiday, please ensure that we are made aware of this at the time of booking.


Travel Insurance

You are required to arrange your own travel insurance. It will automatically be assumed that you have arranged a suitable travel insurance policy from the moment that you have booked your holiday. It is your responsibility to do this.


Special needs and requirements

Our villa may not be ideally suited for clients with severe disabilities or special requirements. If you have a disability or requirement and need specific answers to specific questions, then you must contact us prior to making a booking. We are unable to take any responsibility for the lack of suitable facilities without knowing your requirements. The villa accommodates a maximum of 6 adults comfortably. However we can accommodate an additional 2 young children on request but a maximum of 8 applies. The prices quoted are for 6 persons and a surcharge is applicable for additional persons.


Building Works

The surrounding villas are all complete and building noise is very rare. From time to time, building work and its associated noise is unavoidable. We do not control such work, and we do not receive advance notice of when it will begin. Where we are aware of such building work, we will notify you as soon as possible if we think that said works will affect your holiday.



In the unlikely event that you should have a problem on your holiday, it is a condition of booking with us that you must report it to us as soon as possible. We must be given the opportunity to resolve any issues brought to our attention and allowances be made by you for any local conditions regarding the reasonable amount of time taken to rectify the problem. Compensation payments will only be considered where it is proven that any reported problem had a prolonged or major impact on the enjoyment of the holiday booked. It is not acceptable to make a serious complaint after you have come home when we were not clearly made aware of the severity of your concerns. It is therefore extremely important that if you have a complaint that is seriously affecting your holiday enjoyment, you must contact us whilst on holiday. Please ensure you take our contact details with you, however there are details in the villa information pack.


Data Protection

We will not supply any personal client information to any third party excepting that which is required by a supplier to process your booking.

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